Wahler Equine

Version 3

Photo credit:  Adrianna Roth

Brenda Wahler began Wahler Equine to bridge the divide between horses and humans.  Although this wonderful animal helped create civilization itself,1  in the 21st century, relatively few people have grown up around horses or in a rural setting.  People encountering horses today have less background and understanding of animals and country life than did someone born 100 years ago.

Wahler offers programs to public audiences on equine and animal law, as well as private consultations on a wide range of equine-related topics from farm design to prepurchase evaluation.  She advises both beginners and professionals on equine safety, liability, property issues, facility design, management, and other issues that face horse owners.  She also works directly with horses and riders in clinics, and judges open and 4-H horse shows. Services include consultation, clinics, and educational programs to horse aficionados as well as engaging and informative programs designed for the general public

Wahler also combines her lifelong experience with horses and her family law background to provide legal services in areas of equine and other animal law, including incorporating animals into estate planning, family legal issues, equine liability, property issues, contracts and leases.

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