Horse-related clinics and workshops

In the 21st century, fewer people have grown up around horses or in a rural setting.  When people bring horses into their lives today, it may be with less background and understanding of animals and country life than someone born 100 years ago. Ownership of horses, whether on one’s own property or in a boarding situation, can be expensive and carry many risks, both financial and in terms of health and safety for humans and horses.  

Brenda has taught riding clinics and presented classes and workshops on horse-related topics for over 30 years.  She emphasizes the good of the horse, safety for the amateur rider, and facilitates better understanding between horses and humans through solid classic horsemanship principles.  As an open and 4-H judge, she has long advocated for better training and education of new riders in all aspects of horse handling and care.

Contact Brenda for clinics, workshops or presentations on any of the following topics.  Custom consulting can also be arranged.  Discounts are available to 4-H clubs, rescues, and other 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

  • The Law and the Horse
  • The Horse Around the House:
    • Property selection
    • Stable design
    • Small-scale stable management
    • Boarding or buying?
  • Basic horse care
  • Equine science (multiple topics)
  • Safety concerns  (read more about horse injury prevention here)
  • History and development of horsemanship
  • Tack:  What, why and how
  • A layperson’s introduction to horses and horsemanship
  • The horse in photography, art and literature
  • Clinics:
    Brenda specializes in rider-focused clinics that provide horse owners the tools to improve their communication with their horse.  Areas covered include:

    • Basic riding skills, English or Western
    • Equitation and show competition basics
    • Show preparation
    • Ground handling and safety

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