Equine/Animal law

Please read my general disclaimer. The following articles on legal topics are premised solely upon Montana law.  If you do not live in Montana, some of the material contained herein may not be applicable in your jurisdiction.  Please consult an attorney licensed in your state for personal legal advice.

The Law and the Horse: 

Horse owners and equine professionals are often unaware of the many legal issues that can arise in the course and scope of equine activity.   Brenda has given a number of public talks about the rights and responsibilities of horse management, ownership and activities.

Contact Brenda to arrange presentations on any of the following topics.

The legal profession is often unaware of the nuances of equine science and management.  For attorneys, content can be customized and materials provided for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit.

  • Safety
    • Helmets and other Standard of Care
    • Horses and propensity for danger
  •  Liability
    • Equine activity statutes
    • Homeowner and individual liability
    • Equine professional liability
    • Farm and ranch property liability
    • Organization/Board member liability
  • Insurance
    • Homeowner
    • Equine mortality, accident or illness
    • Care, custody and control
    • Professional liability
  • Animals at large
  • Property issues
    • Property rental/leases
    • Covenants
    • Fences
  • Livestock laws
    • Brands
    • Transportation
    • Disease
    • Animal cruelty
  • Family law planning
    • Wills and estate planning
    • Animal trusts
    • Divorces
    • Disability of horse owners
  • Boarding
    • Liability
    • Boarding agreements
    • Agister’s lien
  • Sales and contracts
    • Buy-sell agreements
    • Horse leases
    • Brand inspections and bill of sale
    • Ownership disputes
    • Prepurchase examinations